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    It’s one of the most coveted awards of the year, bestowed upon the best and brightest for their cinematic achievements by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: the Oscar. […]
    As the poet William Plomer once said, “Creativity is the ability to connect the seemingly unconnected.” Collaborations, too, are often rooted in connecting the seemingly unconnected, which makes them inherently creative. […]
    It’s becoming very clear that President Trump has a problem with tech. In the past few weeks, many of the world’s biggest tech companies have joined forces to protest his temporary immigration ban on seven, mostly-Muslim, countries. […]
    It takes guts for an iconic brand to join forces with another, particularly one with a more chequered hero status. […]
    Last September, we were thrilled to announce Cleatus the FOX Sports Robot and Woodsy Owl as the winners of the 13th Annual Madison Avenue Walk of Fame. While Cleatus is a regular fixture during sporting events on TV, Woodsy tends to spend his time in forests alongside fellow conservation icon (and friend), Smokey Bear. Since 1971, Woodsy Owl has been encouraging one and all to “Lend a hand — care for the land!” and be the environmental change they wish to see in the world. […]
    In today’s experience economy, the reality is your customer experience defines your brand more than anything else you do. […]