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    When marketers look to tell their stories and deliver better advertising across multiple screens, they need to consider the entire video ecosystem through a single lens: that of Total TV. […]
    People are now literally voicing their concerns to technology – they are showing their emotion, expecting the technology to listen, watch and understand. […]
    Data is always a big topic for Advertising Week. As advertisers and marketers, sometimes we find ourselves proving the ROI with rather soft numbers, so the better we can pull and interpret data, the better we can translate our work to prove real effect, and to forecast more accurate plans for brand ID, brand awareness, and campaigns. […]
    As my mum shouts from the lounge, “quick it’s starting,” I’m rushing from the kitchen spilling boiling tea on my hands. […]
    Introducing a seminar at Advertising Week Europe entitled “If advertising is funding terror, what should we do differently?”, Hamish Nicklin, chief revenue officer for Guardian News & Media, acknowledged the difficulty of his position. […]
    Much of what we do in our daily lives has been seismically changed, challenged and transformed by technology, whether it’s the way we communicate with each other or the way we purchase a new pair of shoes. […]
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