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    The ACLU has a message for the American People, Bose might be doing more than selling headphones, the New York Times continues its fight for quality journalism, Burger King has some fun with Google Homes, and new ad-blocking research might be bad news for online publishers. […]
    He’s cherry red with a big grin on his face and just as sweet as the candy he was created after. […]
    It’s no secret. Facebook has been chasing Snapchat’s ghostly “cool kid” trail for what seems like forever. (And to their credit, they’ve been rather forthcoming about this copycat strategy.) But something unexpected happened on Monday, when Facebook and Snapchat both made augmented reality announcements on the same day. […]
    Late last month, Oculus Rift, the virtual reality (VR) headset made by Oculus VR (and owned by Facebook) celebrated its first official birthday. […]
    Over the past few weeks a handful of unflattering high profile public relations mishaps have dominated social media chatter. […]
    Who stole all the cookies from the cookie jar? The US administration’s recent repeal of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) privacy released broadband and telecommunications services from mandated privacy obligations. […]
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