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Aurora Morales

Professional experience
Aurora is passionate about business and international marketing from her studies. She has studied and worked in Mexico, the United States, Colombia, France, Italy, China, and the United Arab Emirates. She enjoys working for growing global companies and helping them position themselves in the markets of her expertise (Latin America and Europe).

Aurora began her career as a brand analyst at a Shanghai, China-based marketer with business in Latin America. She continued at Deloitte Mexico as a brand analyst in the international trade area. Later, she held the position of Content Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator at ComparaGuru.com, to later serve as Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Cornershop App (now Cornershop by Uber). For three years, she managed DiDi's launch strategy in Latin America and Europe.

In November 2020, she joined Kuaishou Technology as Kwai's Marketing Director for Latin America.
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