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Gabriela Loyola

Gabriela joined the corporate world more than 23 years ago.
She has been a front-row witness to the evolution of the technology and digital industry. In this time, the technological transformation has been significant and the passage of it by companies such as Inteligia, Starmedia and Prodigy MSN (Microsoft) began to forge its path within the industry. She spent almost 7 years on Facebook in Mexico and had the opportunity to be part of the founding team of the company that changed the way the world connects and interacts with each other. Now as head of sales for Spanish-speaking Latin America on Twitch, you can see how much the way in which new generations want to interact not only with each other, but with the world around them, continues to change and how brands would have to evolve and understand what is seen on Twitch: interactive, live and hyper-connected entertainment.
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