AW Replay: Compelling Discussions from the Inaugural #AWLATAM


So many fantastic speakers descended on Mexico City to participate in the first-ever Advertising Week LATAM. Leaders from every corner of the LATAM advertising and marketing industries discussed a wide range of topics and concerns, past, present, and future. Below is a mere sampling of some of the panels we’re still talking about, even after the conclusion of the event.

Storytelling that Creates Connection & Loyalty

From the Global Keynote Series

It is no secret that storytelling is a key tool for brands that want to connect with consumers and increase sales. Stories move not only people but also move products. So that in this new digital generation, strong multi-platform stories become essential to create bridges between brands and their potential and loyal consumers.

Women and Digital: A World of Opportunities

When women prosper, everyone prospers. Empowering women through access to information, technology and digital tools, allows them not only to grow and develop, but to change the world around them. Join Karla Berman Head of CPG at Google to discuss how we can help close the gender gaps and boost Mexico's economy together.

The Power of Emotional Persuasion

From the Global Keynote Series

Why the world needs storytelling more than ever before.

Where to Be Creative

From the Global Keynote Series

As news about the advertising industry continues to be depressing with clients cutting budgets, taking work in-house and generally questioning the value of advertising and ad agencies, this presentation will highlight six new types of creativity that can inspire a modern creative revolution and bring prestige back to the agency business. But, it requires acknowledging some deep changes occurring with clients and consumers that are forcing agencies to adapt or die. And the starting place for adaptation is recognizing where creativity still retains the power to drive brands and deliver growth.

Versus Gender Violence

Hear different experts and personalities discuss the challenges and opportunities that professional women face within traditionally male-dominated fields. We will review the case of Tecate on how it has used its communication to speak out about the issue.

The World Cup

The passion of sport is never more apparent than during the World Cup. As the 2018 competition approaches, learn how fans participate in the games, get insights into viewership ratings, and hear from a broadcaster and sponsor on the football phenomena of the decade.


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