Open to all Delegates, AW TechX offers an awe-inspiring, hands-on journey through interactive installations, innovations and bleeding edge technology including haptics, holograms, AI, VR, and AR.

Throughout the week, delegates can sign up for a highly contextualized tour of TechX that will bring them insights about what these technologies represent and, more importantly, how they can be used to reach today's consumers.

Curated by VentureFuel, the innovation resource for brands.

Open to All Delegates

12-15 Febrero
10:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Papalote Museo Del Niño


Innovation Gallery

At TechX explore the latest industry innovations and first-of-its-kind technology.

Explore digital technology applications – from bitcoin and banking to communication and entertainment – that are transforming society and business.
Learn how data, machine learning, natural language processing, voice and visual recognition are improving the way we do business and changing the way we engage with consumers.
Experience immersive platforms that have the potential to redefine industries – from gaming & entertainment to education & training – and enhance the way we interact with the world around us.

From robotics developers to music platforms – see the companies elevating experiences in the real world and creating opportunities for brands to participate in and help shape culture.
Witness commerce reinvented with immersive, multisensory activations and discover the platforms and marketplaces empowering the future of retail.
Dive into to distributed ledger technology to understand its impact on transactions in digital advertising and beyond.


All Advertising Week Delegates are welcome to explore the TechX Innovation Gallery throughout the week. If you’d like to book a curated guided group tour, with customized Brand Immersion experiences, please book a time below. All individual tours will be managed on a walk-in basis.

Additional TechX Experiences
at Advertising Week

Startup Competition

12-15 February

From major VCs to brands, get your business out in front of decision makers on stage at Papalote Museo del Nino. Pitch for funding, sponsorship, or even mentorship. Don't miss the chance to win the inaugural AWLATAM StartUp Pitch Competition!

VC Power Breakfast

14 February

By Invitation and Platinum Delegates.

Available Guided Group Tours

Guided group tours are complimentary to all registered Delegates. Please choose a time slot below to sign up to join a guided tour. All individual tours will be managed on a walk-in basis.

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Thursday 2/15

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