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Omar Estrada

Omar Estrada, specialist and recognized Mexican for his work in the "management of knowledge from human experience and consumption."
Today, he has almost 20 years of experience in the field of research, being one of the people with greater credibility and leadership in the realization of anthropological studies, which have helped many brands to consolidate their products.
He is a training Sociologist from UNAM, with several post-graduate studies from the most important universities in Mexico in: business, communication, marketing, anthropology and research.
He is currently a member of the specialty in Development of High Management Skills of IPADE. Evidens, a company that founded in 2002, is recognized in the Mexican business environment for its specialization in the scope of findings and results obtained through strategic research, as well as in the design, development and implementation of specialized research methodologies and techniques .
Together with his team of collaborators he has developed successful tools focused on ethnographic techniques for different market research agencies such as: Ethnographic Mystery, Ethno-Experience®, Ethno-Shopper®, Ethno-digital®, Online: Digital Asset Evaluation ®, Etnorama®, Brain Research and Development of ShopAlong®.
He has specialized in different channels, formats and categories, as well as in studies related to audiences, television habits, advertising and communication; satisfaction studies; brand development, evaluation, positioning and repositioning; image and marketing of political parties, candidates and political environments in different stages and populations; youth trends and habits and specific populations; as well as eating habits and public health.
He is considered a passionate of the City of Mexico and hunter of visual interventions, because through them there is much more talk than any society could say about themselves.
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