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Gabriela de la Riva

President of De la Riva Group, which today is the No. 1 Mexican market research agency according to the AMAI ranking.

In 2018 the Riva Group was named one of the most innovative agencies in the world, according to the GRIT REPORT, it ranks 33rd of the top 50. It is the only Latin American agency that is within this count.

She studied clinical and medical psychology, was a professor of Psychology and Sociology at the Rafael Landívar University of
Guatemala. He arrived in Mexico in 1980 during one of the strongest repressions of professors, students and characters associated with free thought.

In Mexico, he discovered marketing and market research. He founded the company in 1988, and since then has been a
pioneer in studies of trends and topics previously untouched: The homosexual world and its relationship with society and
brands, generations (from Baby Boomer to Z), The New Masculinity, The Green Market (sustainability and "good vibes"),
The Hispanic Game (the Hispanic market in the USA ), The Mexican Food Manifesto, Celebration (forms and times of the
celebration in Mexico), the Base of the pyramid (low socioeconomic levels), the Sandwich Level (middle levels), the
affluent consumption and the new luxury (high socioeconomic levels) ) The Social Phenomenon of Soccer, and many more.

It takes more than 20 years following the track every two years to the trends in the different stages of life (children, adolescents,
young adults, adults and the gray market).

She has been a consultant and adviser to companies of consumer products, services, civil associations, personalities, political parties and electoral campaigns both nationally and internationally. She has participated in the development of several publications such as: Flight Plan, The Mezcal Effect, Sex Mex (study that was conducted in conjunction with all member agencies of the AMAI when she was president), Me after the Tremor (book for children), Mexico wrote Rifado as a summary of a very ambitious study about the feeling, the pain, the will of Mexicans and how society is transforming through the push of what we call Mexicans Rifados.

He collaborated in the Mexico Emerging study and in the book La X de México, where according to rigorous studies in Mexico and 10 countries and with the collaboration of a panel of renowned semiologists of the world, they found that Mexico does not have a narrative and has the great opportunity to tell a story more in line with the new times that Mexicans are living that are not satisfied with remaining eternal victims or funny and partying characters.

He loves people, taking breaks in the countryside, cinema, reading, good novels, series, and especially having a good time with his 7 grandchildren.
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