Global Keynote Series: A Culture of Commerce

Tuesday, 19 February at 10:45 AM

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In this session...

The new consumer has infinite ways to communicate. They share intent across voice and visual search, while hyper-personalized experiences are the norm. Are new consumer behaviors shaping technology, or is technology shaping them? While foot traffic in-store continues to decline globally, how are brands creating new commerce experiences for their consumers?

Marketers are also realizing the relationship between trust and consumer purchase experience, with it being a global focus point in 2019 marketing strategies. The future of shopping will be unrecognizable sooner than we think; what challenges exist as we begin to market to machines? While the industry redefines search in a screenless world, and experts use consumer psychology to shape new digital experiences that move away from the ‘persona’ and towards the person hear how brands designed for the new culture of commerce will be those that succeed. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The ways to communicate of the new consumer
  2. How are brands creating new commerce experiences for their consumers?
  3. The relationship between trust and consumer purchase experience

Presented with


Misty Locke Global Chief Marketing Officer iProspect
Jesus Valdelamar Director of Strategic Planning & Marketing Communications Diageo
David Diaz Director Massive Consumption Mercado Libre
Santiago Nettle Marketing Director MU Northern Cone Beiersdorf
Claudia Acosta Armas CMO Domino's Pizza

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Event Type Seminar

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