Cleaning Up the Supply Chain

Tuesday, 13 February at 4:20 PM

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You’re surely all familiar with many healthy and vibrant online marketplaces. Most of us participate in them every day. But what do successful, well-working marketplaces have in common? Digital advertising marketplaces should be transparent, high-quality, and efficient in support of the best interests of marketers, content producers, and users.

However, today’s ad tech is unable to handle the ever-growing complexity of the open internet. Points along the supply chain have varying levels of sophistication and fraudsters have entered the market because it's a lucrative space.

Transparency and efficiency should ultimately benefit both buyers and sellers of digital advertising. This position establishes the foundation of a high-quality value chain, and underpins the virtuous cycle of value creation marketers, content producers, and users. But how can the digital industry achieve transparency and efficiency in today’s complex digital world?

In this presentation, Patrick Casal, Senior Director, Market Development, AppNexus will give a recap into the steps the industry is taking to ensure transparency and clean up the supply chain, including:

o Transparent marketplaces
o High-quality, brand-safety and initiatives helping the industry to clean up the supply chain, such as ads.txt
o Efficiency – direct path and elimination of auction inefficiencies View Less

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Patrick Casal Senior Director, Market Development AppNexus
Paul Hauff Hvattum Director General

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