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Tuesday, 13 February at 3:20 PM

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Join Ricardo Saca from worldwide known design studio Cato Brand Partners and some of their important clients on an interesting topic on how many companies do not take advantage of their assets or history.

'We all want to be recognized but miss on the opportunity of being unique'. This conference will show how Cato Brand Partners develops a new concept or inspiration from elements or facts that are intrinsic to the organization but have been forgotten, neglected or unexploited and when correctly redirected they aid in cementing the brand.

How can design unite a nation or how can a retail chain can be modernized without losing its essence are some examples of what will be expressed on this conference.


Ricardo Saca Managing Partner Cato Brand Partners
Andrés Ehrli Torres Director of Marketing and Advertising La Comer
Carlo Ledezma Vice President for Latin America USANA Mexico
Omar López CMO OCESA

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